Budget Buds from Bulk Buddy – AAA Blueberry Cheesecake strain at $85 per ounce

Budget Buds Canada Guide

Budhub Canada wouldn’t be complete without a budget buds guide. Get the inside scoop and learn everything you need to know about Budget Buds, with $2 grams, and $99 ounces, to the best budget buds coupons. Canadians buy budget buds online because they are looking for quality marijuana at bargain prices. The name does not necessarily imply that you are buying low quality weed, or trim and shake for that matter that will only give you a headache. Budget buds can be good quality if you know where to buy them online. Continue reading and discover Canada’s best budget buds online right now.

Our guide will break it all down and help you buy the best and cheapest budget buds online. We also answer some questions when it comes to what budget buds are, with lots of examples and budget buds reviews from trusted and verified online dispensaries in Canada.

What are budget buds?

Budget Buds are exactly as the name implies – bargain cheap weed deals. They are cheap grams of weed, $2 grams, $3 grams, $4 grams, and even $5 grams. Or, they can be really good weed deals on ounces (28 grams) of cannabis, for example, $99 ounces.

The different types of budget buds:

  • Outdoor strains that go for $50 an ounce up to $99 per ounce. Some nice outdoor flower can be found online if that’s your thing.
  • Indoor strains. Typically budget buds of this type are A to AAA quality, and sell online between $2 to $5 a gram or $50 to $120 an ounce.
  • Popcorn budget buds. Often online dispensaries sell their popcorn buds at reduced prices to fit any budget. Budhub has seen them online between $69 an ounce to $110 an ounce. Popcorn buds are a great deal because you get much less stalk in the bag, resulting in more bud for you. Furthermore, these buds still have lots of trichomes (crystals) on them that pack the flower’s THC content.
  • Bottom of the bag budget buds. These types of bottom of the bag weed deals are a best kept secret in Canada. Good bottom of the bag deals are hard to find online, but when you do, make sure to take a good look and verify that its not shake or trim being sold, but actual buds and broken off pieces of buds at the bottom of the bag. Bottom of the bag deals typically sell online for $99 an ounce.

Best Budget Buds in Canada Online Right Now

Online Dispensary (MOM)

Budget Buds Pricing

Quality & Info

$1.99 to $5.75 per gram

AA - AAAA grade cannabis. See their featured strain weekly deal. 20% off coupon code: Budhub20

$2 grams, $3 grams, $4 grams and up

A - AAAA grade cannabis. Daily deals section (50% to 70% off) 30% off budget buds coupon code always avialable on the site.

$80 to $100 budget ounces

A-AA grade cannabis. The mix & match masters, great bulk section. 5% off code: Beaver5

$99 budget ounces

Large menu of AAA grade cannabis for $99 per ounce. 20% off coupon: BHBL20

$79 to $160 budget buds by the ounce

AA-AAAA Excellent value based weed menu. Get $20 off your order code: WELCOME20

The Best Online Dispensaries to Buy Budget Buds Online

The below recommendations of where to buy budget buds online are based on Budhub’s experience with these Mail Order Marijuana Shops (MOM), and the product’s themselves. We have budget bud reviews with online dispensaries in Canada, with firsthand knowledge of who can be trusted, and who has the best budget buds deals going.

Budget buds coupon codes.

This guide also highlights the best budget buds coupon codes from these MOMs that you can use to help get even cheaper weed deals. NOTE: Please keep in mind that some of the MOMs do not allow coupon codes to be stacked on budget buds orders, or on ounce specials etc. When you apply your coupon code at checkout, the system will inform you if its valid or not.

Our top recommendations to buy the best and cheapest budget buds online.

All recommendations are from verified online mail order dispensaries. Available to Canadian residents only who are a minimum of 19 years of age.


West Coast Cannabis Budget Buds

$84 Ounces to $100 Ounces

West Coast Cannabis have a huge budget buds menu that consists of A to AA quality strains, with endless mix & match variety packs, and bulk cannabis options. This is a very popular online dispensary, you will find a good deal on half ounces and full ounces of weed, you just have to spend some time browsing their value menu offerings.

> See all “A” strains ($3 grams / $84 ounces)
> See all “AA” strains ($100 to $120 ounces)

West Coast Cannabis Coupon Code and Free Weed Promos:

  • 5% off coupon code: Beaver5 (one-time use only).
  • Earn reward points on sign up and on every order.
  • Get 3.5 grams of free AAAA cannabis with your first order (minimum order $50).

Our West Coast Cannabis review

Budget Grams ($2 Grams, $3 grams, $4 grams, $5 grams) at Haute Health

Budget Buds Daily Flash Sales

The flower menu at Haute Health is categorized by the gram dollar amount with some fantastic cheap grams showcased, such as $2 grams, and $3 grams. They also have a daily flash sales page that has some incredible deals on BC bud, from 40% to 70% off, we’re talking $1.50 grams in many of cases. Please note that the flash sales can sell out very fast, but are updated daily.

See the flash sales >
Go to their flower menu >

Coupon Code at Haute Health and Promotions:

  • Exclusive Haute Health 50% off coupon code: BH50 (unlimited uses, excludes $2-$5 grams, $15 shatter & smoking daily deals)
  • Get 20 points ($20 store credit) just for signing up

Budget Buds Canada at its best! 

Get some deals on budget buds and pay $1.99 to $5.75 per gram, while supplies last. You will find their strain of the week on sale and featured on their homepage.

Also take a look at all their flowers on sale and save up to 35% priced by the gram.

  • 20% off Coupon Code: Budhub20 (comes with a free gram of weed)

Value Priced BC Bud @ Speed Greens

Free Weed Deals, $99 Ounces to $140 Ounces

Speed Greens have a great selection of AA to AA+ cannabis strains that are value priced with nice $99 ounce options. Speed Greens want you to trust that their budget buds are the best online, with the best value. So, they have a Best Price Policy right on their homepage, “We guarantee the lowest price on our products. If you find an identical product online for less just let us know and we will match the price of that item”.

See all the flower sales >

Speed Greens Coupon Codes
and Free Weed Deals:

  • First order 20% off coupon code: BHC20 (one-time use, excluding on-sale products)
  • Repeat order 10% off coupon code: BEAVERAGAIN10 ( one-time use, doesn’t apply with other coupon codes or on sale products)
  • NEW $25 off discount code: BEAVER25 (one-time use, doesn’t apply with other coupon codes or on sale products, min order $139)

Get up to 14 grams of free weed:

(The below promotions are fully stackable, the free weed deals do not apply to their Bulk Category)

  • Free 3.5 grams of budget buds sign up bonus.
  • NEW Free 3.5g AAA or Mini SG Grinder or House Edibles on Orders Over $299
  • NEW Free 3.5g AAAA or 1g Shatter or 1g Budder or Disposable Vape on Order Over $499
  • NEW Free 3.5g AAAA Top Shelf or 1g Live Resin or Sky Tincture on Orders Over $799

Our Speed Greens review

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