The Best Bulk MOM Canada 2022 (Wholesale Dispensary)

What does bulk MOM Canada mean? Who is the best bulk MOM Canada in 2022 and why? Budhub Canada has answers, let’s break it all down.

The Best Bulk MOM Canada


What is a MOM?

I’m assuming that you know what a MOM is right? After all, why else would you be here if you didn’t? Some of you may be misguided on the topic, so I would like to clear up the air just in case.

MOM = Mail Order Marijuana

Mail Order Marijuana = Online Dispensary

BMC = Bulk MOM Canada – Okay, I made that one up!

WDC = Wholesale Dispensary Canada – Okay, I made that one up as well!

I hope you weren’t thinking that this is what a Bulk MOM Canada is?

Okay, all joking around aside, and now that we are all on the same page, let’s talk about Bulk MOM’s (AKA wholesale dispensaries) in Canada 2022, and the best of them. The team here at Budhub Canada has experience in this arena and works with the top bulk dispensaries that are trusted and with the best reputations. We have our finger on the pulse on Canadian MOM Info and what makes a MOM online dispensary the best. Trustworthiness, experience, knowledge, and value for your money are all the top attributes you want in a Bulk MOM, but there’s more.

Bulk MOM Canada vs MOM Canada

There are several differences when it comes to comparing these types of MOMs. The biggest standout difference is that bulk MOMs offer half-pound mix and match deals, full pound mix and match deals, and deals on multiple ounces of weed. You will notice that many of the MOMs listed below offer those mix and match bulk weed deals in the form of percentage discounts, they commonly look something like this:

  • Receive 45% off, when 8 or more ounces are added to your cart.
  • Receive 35% off, when 3 or more ounces are added to your cart.
  • Receive 15% off, when 2 or more ounces are added to your cart.
  • Receive 15% off, when 3 or more quarter pounds are added to your cart.
  • Receive 10% off, when 2 or more quarter pounds are added to your cart.

Some good Bulk MOM examples for 2022 that offer these types of bulk weed mix and match discounts are:

The Canna Society
The High Club

Other bulk MOMs who don’t offer percentage-based discounts, price their bulk weed and concentrates with the discounts already included. You will see value-based weed pricing on quarter-pound mix and match weed deals, half-pound mix and match deals, full-pound mix and match deals, and straight-up quarter-pound, half-pound, and full-pound weed deals.

Some good examples for 2022 are:

West Coast Cannabis
Haute Health
Low Price Bud

Generally speaking, regular MOMs do not offer bulk weed discounts, and sell their cannabis in smaller increments, by the gram, eighth, quarter, half ounce, and ounce. Some will sell weed by the quarter-pound, and some will negotiate on large bulk orders, but you have to reach out and work a deal.

If all these measurements give you a headache, here is a great weed measurements article that breaks it all down visually.

The Best Bulk MOM Canada 2022 List

It’s not easy to single out who is the best bulk MOM in Canada. It largely depends on you and your brand loyalties, but, we can recommend who are the best based on reputation, product quality, and trust they earned on Budhub Canada. Each Canadian bulk dispensary listed below highlights current promotions, coupons, bulk weed discounts and thier customer reviews.

West Coast Cannabis Online Dispensary

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Haute Health Online Dispensary

Haute Health Online Dispensary Canada 2022 Welcome, we are a group of compassionate enthusiasts with deep experience in everything cannabis. Haute Health is a great bulk dispensary for cannabis, concentrates, edibles and CBD. We also offer daily smoking weed deals with up to 70% off a large selection of products. Plus, use our exclusive Budhub [...]


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BudLyft Online Dispensary

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The Grow House Online Dispensary

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Low Price Bud Direct

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Get Kush Online Dispensary

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The Canna Society Online Dispensary

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BuyMyWeedOnline (BMWO) Dispensary

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Crystal Cloud 9 Online Dispensary

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