Your Trusted BC Online Dispensary & Weed Deals Portal

Your Trusted BC Online Dispensary & Weed Deals Portal

About Us

Welcome to Budhub Canada, delivering trusted online dispensaries and cannabis brands that are based out of the Vancouver, BC area to Canadians nationwide since 2018. We specialize in connecting cannabis enthusiasts with online dispensaries and weed delivery services near them. What began as a small venture has blossomed into a leading cannabis hub resource guiding consumers to exceptional BC craft cannabis, cheap ounces and concentrates, vapes, CBD, and BC craft edibles.

Why Choose Budhub Canada?

We’ve made our mark in the cannabis industry for our rigorously verified online dispensaries and weed delivery services. But that’s not all. We also have leading cannabis brands to offer you the cream of the crop in cannabis products. Ready to dive deeper into cannabis culture? Our Budhub Blog is packed with entertaining and informative pieces that speak to both novices and aficionados.

Our Mission

We’re not just another cannabis company; we’re a movement. Our aim is to bring cannabis from the fringes to the forefront of Canadian society. We’ve designed Budhub Canada to be a modern, centralized hub where like-minded individuals can discover, discuss, and access the best cannabis products and services near them. We’re here to make your life easier, and a lot more interesting.

Our Experience

Trust in our expertise. With a dedicated team boasting over 60 years of combined industry experience, we’ve seen it all. Our cannabis connoisseurs are all based out of British Colombia and have been deeply rooted in the industry since the 1970s, navigating everything from logistics to the rise of medical marijuana. Our review team continuously explores the market to identify the latest trends, ensuring that you’re always in the loop on the best (and worst) that the industry has to offer.

The Budhub Canada Review Team

Budhub Canada has established a reputable stance in the cannabis industry through a meticulous verification process for BC based online dispensaries. This rigorous procedure ensures that only legitimate and reliable dispensaries are listed on the platform, providing consumers with a trustworthy avenue for acquiring cannabis products. Our dedication to maintaining a high level of integrity in all dispensary listings exemplifies a commitment to fostering a safe and reliable online cannabis marketplace.

The Judging Panel

Made up of a diverse group of individuals who are committed to upholding the integrity and spirit of this competition. Their expertise spans the cannabis industry, online marketing, and consumer advocacy, ensuring a fair and comprehensive evaluation of all nominees.

Expertise and Selection

Industry Veterans: Our panel includes The Chronic Beaver, a seasoned professional from the medical marijuana sector who deeply understands the nuances of product quality, regulatory compliance, and customer education. His experience ensures that the nominated dispensaries meet the highest standards of product excellence and safety.

Marketing Gurus: To gauge the effectiveness of each dispensary’s online footprint, we have Budhib Canada’s president and digital marketing expert on board. He scrutinizes the nominees’ website UX and UI design, and social media engagement, ensuring that the winners excel in reaching their audience and providing an exceptional online experience.

Community Representatives: True to our commitment to community feedback, we include Ray Sunshine, our prominent Budhub Canada author and cannabis lover of over 30 years in our panel. She offers invaluable insights into customer satisfaction, service responsiveness, and community impact, reflecting the voice of the consumer in our decision-making process.


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