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“I have 99 problems, and CBD cured like 86 of them.” - Ray Sunshine

Recommended Online Dispensaries Canada

Green Society MMJ Online Dispensary

Welcome to Green Society, we are your # 1 online dispensary in Canada. We are a safe and discreet mail-order marijuana service based in Vancouver, Canada. Our website allows you to easily order weed online and we offer the fastest delivery and some of the best quality cannabis in the world, you’ll never second guess [...]

BC Bud Supply

BC Bud Supply’s mission is to provide Canadians with the most reliable online platform to buy high quality cannabis at affordable prices. We deal only with the best local farmers in British Columbia to source the finest, pesticide-free, and naturally grown cannabis plants. Working directly with our strong network of suppliers allows us to ensure […]

West Coast Cannabis Online Dispensary

We provide the best and largest selection of cannabis strains at the lowest prices guaranteed for 2023. We are a Canadian mail order marijuana (MOM) dispensary and are passionate about our great line of products and the level of customer service we provide. We offer wholesale dispensary prices on our cannabis and concentrates with mix [...]

Speed Greens Online Dispensary

Welcome to Speed Greens 2023 Our mission continues to be quite simple, to bring you quality products, at the best price with the greatest service and with the highest packaging/shipping standards in the industry. That is why we have been rated the best online dispensary in Canada. Our company is comprised of passionate owners and [...]

BXN Bud Express Now

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality BC sourced cannabis products with the cheapest prices and ultra fast service. Bud Express Now is an established online dispensary in Canada based out of Vancouver BC. We have a very large cannabis menu featuring some of BC's best and most popular strains from affordable ounces to the best [...]

BudLyft Online Dispensary

Featuring $99 or less AAA to AAAA ounces, Canada's best hash, and so much more. BudLyft in 2023 is one of the best online dispensaries in Canada. Every product is carefully curated with you in mind. Whether you are looking for cannabis for medicinal purposes, or premium quality products for recreational use, we have what [...]

Exceptional BC Craft Cannabis Brands You Will Love!

Jungle Boys Cannabis Canada

Welcome to the Jungle Boys Exotic Craft Cannabis About Us Standing out among the world’s best cannabis. The Jungle Boys brand is legendary for their exotic and rare strains found nowhere else, and flower that consistently stands out in the global canna-trade. The Jungle Boys and the Toluca Lake Collective (TLC) are medical marijuana growers […]

Buddha Boys Craft Cannabis

Buddha Boys – The absolute best craft cannabis in Canada. We are a brand that has taken the craft cannabis industry in Canada by storm. Our commitment to quality, innovative approach to growing, and our passion for delivering the best possible flower and cannabis products has made us the go-to brand for cannabis lovers across […]

Thunder Buddies Cannabis

Welcome to Thunder Buddies premium-quality craft cannabis. About Us Thunder Buddies is the newest brand in the world of craft cannabis. This premium-quality cannabis is named for the song featured in the movie Ted, which is why you’ll notice the fuzzy bear on the label. The next time a thunderstorm strikes, don’t be afraid — […]

Kootenay Exotics Craft Cannabis

Welcome to Kootenay Exotics Craft Cannabis About Our Craft Cannabis We are Canada’s top choice for BC craft cannabis with a stellar reputation for excellence in growing small batch exotic cannabis strains. Kootenay Exotics has generations of experience when it comes to cultivating the best of the best, our legacy is defining what our reputation […]

Pharmcraft – BC Cannabis, Edibles, Vapes

Pharmcraft is BC’s Premier Cannabis Brand Pharmcraft provides the most trusted and convenient source of quality medical cannabis and related products. Every product we have is something that we would take ourselves. Whether you want smokeless, vaporized, or want to eat it in a delicious cookie or gummy we have the perfect fit for you. […]

Okanagan Ranch Cannabis

Welcome to Okanagan Ranch Cannabis About Our Cannabis Experience the ultimate cannabis lover’s paradise! Our team of seasoned growers put their heart and soul into every single strain we cultivate, using only the most exquisite growing methods to produce the cream of the crop. Our buds are top-shelf, hand-picked strains that will elevate your senses […]

Popular Edible Brands (THC, CBD, and Magic Mushrooms)

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BC Weed Edible Online Direct

Looking for a fun and easy way to enjoy cannabis? Try our delicious THC & CBD edibles! Edible gummies, chocolates, and brownies are a great way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without needing to smoke or vape. Our edible products are perfect for anyone looking for a discreet and convenient way to consume cannabis. [...]

Mota Cannabis – Buy the Best Edibles Online

Welcome to Mota Edibles Canada – A Cannabis Infused Products Company Vancouver Island – a world apart, where sea and wild mountains meet. It is here that Canada’s most passionate and independent-minded growers made their home. And it’s where they learned how to grow Canada’s best quality cannabis – AKA BC Bud, to make the […]

EUPHORIA: Buy Shatter Bars and Chews Online

Euphoria Extractions & Edibles: Premium Cannabis-Infused Shatter Bars and Chews Available in Canada Euphoria Extractions provides a wide selection of cannabis-infused shatter bard and chews. Our shatter bars are skillfully crafted using high-quality, BC-sourced cannabis, and are designed to meet the diverse needs of consumers Canada wide. About Our Products: We offer a range of […]

Willo Brand THC & CBD Vapes, Edibles, Oils

Willo is your destination for high quality cannabis products. About Us Our brand was born during the pandemic, raised through the lockdown, and continues adapting to the ever-changing circumstances of life. We understand that many people are seeking a natural and healthy alternative to pharmaceutical options for comfort and relief. Whether you experience disorientation upon [...]

Bliss Edibles Online Direct

About Bliss Edibles Vancouver We are a well-known and established Canadian brand that specializes in producing high-quality cannabis-infused edibles/gummies. Our company is committed to delivering products that are delicious, potent, and safe for consumption. Our product line includes a variety of edibles that are mostly  gummies of various flavors and THC strengths, including strong edibles […]

Alice Magic Mushroom Edibles

In our world of Alice magic mushroom edibles, you take a trip to wonderland every time. Go far beyond your imagination, and become a genius in your own mind! Alice has you covered when you desire the experience of magic mushrooms either for medicinal use or for recreational fun. By using the highest quality Psilocybin […]

Verified CBD Stores Online Canada

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CBD Magic Canada Online Dispensary

Premium Lab Tested CBD Products, with Fast Coast to Coast Shipping in Canada in 2023 Luxury Products with Exceptional Customer Service CBD Magic carries a wide selection of luxury CBD products (from non-GMO mature industrial hemp stalks) in Canada. With a combined total of 40 years experience in Business Operations, Medicine, and IT, our team [...]

CBD For Pet Health

The Benefits of CBD for Dogs and Cats CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. It has been gaining popularity as a potential treatment for various health conditions in humans, but recent studies have also shown that CBD can provide benefits for pets, particularly dogs and cats. Some of the [...]

Zen Leafs – Top Rated CBD & Essential Oils

Welcome to Zen Leafs CBD & Essential Oils Canada As a full-service CBD provider in Canada, we offer top-quality products that provide customers with the specific cannabinoids needed to optimize your health and wellness. About Zen Leafs Canada - Modern Laboratory Infrastructure By creating all of our products in a modern lab setting, we ensure [...]

CBD2Heal – Modern CBD for Optimal Health

Welcome to CBD2Heal Canada We carry a wide selection of premium CBD products (from non-GMO mature industrial hemp stalks). With a combined total of 40 years experience in manufacturing, processing and distributing hemp derived extracts, focusing on high-tech CBD (cannabidiol) and vital cannabinoids for optimal health. About CBD2Heal - Our Labs The CBD2HEAL Innovation Services [...]

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Best BC Craft Cannabis Brands and Strains

BC craft cannabis is immensely popular in 2023 and the demand for small batch Canadian craft exotics from micro growers and producers is at an all-time high. Weed snobs and enthusiasts from coast to coast are at their peak of knowledge when it comes to cannabis in Canada, thanks to legalization back in 2018. The […]

How To Save Money When Buying Weed In Canada

Looking to save money when buying weed in Canada? This article provides helpful tips on cutting costs while enjoying your favorite marijuana products. From buying in bulk to comparing prices and taking advantage of sales, learn how to save money on weed in Canada.

Best Hash in Canada Top 7 List

Welcome to my list of the best hash options in Canada for 2023. Hash, also known as hashish, is a concentrated form of cannabis that has been around for centuries. Traditionally, hash is made by separating the trichomes (the resin glands that contain the psychoactive compounds) from the cannabis plant and compressing them into a […]

5 Best CBD Gummies in Canada Reviewed

Here are the 5 Best CBD Gummies in Canada with Reviews 2022 CBD gummy edibles are popular in Canada and all over the world for that matter. You will find them pretty much everywhere in Canada including: curbside retail cannabis stores, CBD dispensaries, and online dispensaries. We have all heard our friends and family raving […]

Online Dispensary Vancouver (Verified List)

British Columbia is known worldwide for producing some of the best cannabis on the planet, famously known as BC Bud. Generations of knowledge has been passed down within the community of legacy growers that helps keep BC’s reputation alive and kicking to this day. To get your hands on some of this notorious weed, you […]

Recent Reviews & Ratings

Do Si Dos AAA hits the spot!! ❥❥❥

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West Coast Supply

Do Si Dos AAA hits the spot!! ❥�

Loved their Do Si Dos AAA Hybrid strain- burns extremely well, has very dense buds with a heavy body high! ღღღ Always recomm Continue Reading


Wrote a review


West Coast Supply

More then exelent !

WestCoastSupply has been my go-to supplier for all things cannabis Continue Reading


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Nature’s Fire Concentrates &#...

Very poor website design possibly a

The website design looks like it was done by an amateur links don’t Continue Reading


Wrote a review


The website looks like it’s made by an amateur and the photos are te Continue Reading

Gene PH

Wrote a review


BXN Bud Express Now

Amazing concentrates for the price

I ordered $10 grams of diamonds a little while ago and the quality was Continue Reading

Top Selling THC and CBD Concentrates

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Willo Brand THC & CBD Vapes, Edibles, Oils

Willo is your destination for high quality cannabis products. About Us Our brand was born during the pandemic, raised through the lockdown, and continues adapting to the ever-changing circumstances of life. We understand that many people are seeking a natural and healthy alternative to pharmaceutical options for comfort and relief. Whether you experience disorientation upon [...]

High Voltage Extracts – Live Resin, HTFSE, & Vape Cartridges

Welcome to High Voltage Extracts Canada Your hub to buy High Voltage Extracts online in 2023. About Us High Voltage Extracts is a Canadian cannabis brand based out of Vancouver Island, BC. The team at High Voltage are high on life and they love everything about living on Vancouver Island. They incorporate the Island’s pristine [...]

Nature’s Fire Concentrates – Wholesale & Retail

Welcome to Nature's Fire Concentrates Canada The Best Concentrates and Extracts in Canada About Nature's Fire Concentrates Nature’s Fire Concentrates is a Canadian premium cannabis brand that works with only the highest quality medical grade AAAA craft cannabis. We mainly source our flower from Sacred Garden & The Berlin Flower Co, resulting in some absolutely stellar AAAA [...]

Viridesco Cannabis Oils

Welcome to Viridesco Cannabis Oils Canada Viridesco (Latin) "I Become Green" About Viridesco Oil for Life Our mission is to provide unadulterated lab tested, medical grade hemp (CBD) and cannabis-derived extracts for the Canadian marketplace. Since our inception, Viridesco Cannabis has partnered with Patron who are inventors of the world's most advanced concentrate dispenser systems [...]

TopShelf Concentrates

  Welcome to TopShelf Premium Concentrates Born from the passion of its founders to embrace life’s highs, TopShelf is a band of enthusiasts inspired by culture, style, and the art of cannabis cultivation. Based in beautiful BC, delivering the highest-quality, ultra-premium, hand-crafted cannabis, 100% natural and pesticide free. Selected with the true connoisseur in mind, […]

Hooti Extracts Canada – The Brand, The Concentrates

Welcome to Hooti Extracts Canada About Hooti Extracts - The Brand Hooti Extracts represents an evolution in modern wellness powered by the healing potential of cannabis. Located in beautiful British Columbia, we are a proudly Canadian brand. Calling one of the world’s finest sources of cannabis our home, we strive to extract and encapsulate each [...]

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West Coast Supply

Loved their Do Si Dos AAA Hybrid strain- burns extremely well, has very dense buds with a heavy...

BC Bud Express – BCBX

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