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Author: Claudio Girocco

Claudio Girocco

Joined In May 2020

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Claudio Girocco 3 Reviews
Quick delivery and response, mediocre product if you're looking at $3-4 G

Great packaging and delivery. The product I ordered was just ok. Now i Understand the cheap ounces will give you what you pay for. However I'm always hunting for the best $3-4 / g MOMs and this isn't one of them. Ordered Blue Mystic and Cherry Diesel.. I know it's subjective but this was definitely not QUAD quality as advertised. I brought to their attention and they were arrogant on email. Basically said that batch may have 'over-cured'. Isn't it your job to ship quality product thats properly cured? A simple kind gesture would have satisfied, but their attitude was 'oh well'.

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Claudio Girocco 3 Reviews
Good flower, even some of the cheap ounces. Service and delivery is on.

These guys are good. The flower was as advertised. Quick and discreet. I really like the dudes on CHAT and the fact that they offer CHAT.. They forgot to include an eighth of ATF in my order and promptly added the credit to my account. They simply asked for a photo of my opened order and packaging, to ensure it matches the pictures they also take before delivery. Smart.

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Claudio Girocco 3 Reviews
Tough one to rate. Great product. Delivery needs work

Haute Is a difficult review. in my case. 4 for product and 2 for service. The delivery (as people have mentioned) is hairy and lengthy. But it did arrive, even after I admittedly thought my money was lost. After some mediation they finally got back to me and the product was delivered. Good shit. Apparently they weren't equipped to handle the order rush during lockdown.? perhaps. But I didn't have the delivery delay with other vendors. I'm still rotating stock from 2 alternate moms and every time I smoke Haute's stuff, it kicks my ass.. They were apologetic and threw in a bunch of freebies and a credit for a product that was out of stock. One of the freebies as a rare strain... which I won't mentioned because I want to hoard. ;-) It was a premium grade and an ncredible sativa dominant hybrid which just erased my lower back pain!! (I'm recovering from herniated disc surgery in December.). Anyway, I just placed an order for an ounce of that special strain. Hopefully I won't have the delivery issues again,. If so I will have to downgrade this rating. Let you know...

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