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dishlexic 1 Reviews
I read all the reviews but do not believe them.

I am a monthly buyer and thought I would give the Grow House a try. I did my part and read all the reviews I could find. They seemed legit. I placed my first order on Nov.3. I asked the person on live chat what the time to ship was. They said ALL orders are shipped next day. This is total BS. The way it actually happens is Nov.3 the order is placed. Late in the day Nov.4 they create a label. This is not shipping it. If you are going to make claims, be sure you can deliver what you promise. Nov.5 at 2:35 pm, the item is accepted by Canada Post. This is the point of shipment not when you put it in a box. Nov.6 the item leaves BC. The expected date to Ontario is Now Nov.10. This is not what you claim. When I order from SpeedGreens, TopShelf or MJN Ex, when they say that your order ships, that's exactly when it leaves the distribution center. I would have had an order from them in the same time it took TGH to get it out of the province. I verified with online chat several times what their shipping turnaround times are, I was told the same thing. 24 hours. Their customer service is blunt and non informative. The only reason to shop here is cheap prices. They are not ready compete with any major med suppliers yet.

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