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Author: Sean


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Sean 1 Reviews
GOD AWEFUL customer service

Placed an order a couple nights ago online, paid the e transfer immediately, then went to bed. I woke up to a few emails from them saying I left items in my cart, order received etc, but the items in the cart ones intrigued me so I opened it up to see a price for the same exact order I made the night before, only it was $132 LESS than what I paid! Evident;y taking their BS $5 saving coupon code negated the sale price. SO I tried talking to customer service online via chat, well over the span of 1 hr and 56 mins, nothing is resolved "Blake" often took 10-15 mins to reply, only to be told he doesn't have the authorization to refund me, I then asked who did and I'd like to speak to was disconnected....So it looks like I'm going to drive down to their brick and mortar store today to raise fucking hell...DO NOT buy from this place!!!

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