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Author: Stella Swank

Stella Swank

Joined In Mar 2021

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Stella Swank 3 Reviews
Hard Hitting Shrooms

MMJ Direct has been one of my fav dispensaries for years now. i tried their Penis Envy mushrooms with a girl friend, WOW! we had about 2 grams each and one hell of a night by the fire. Good times.

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Stella Swank 3 Reviews
Really good budget ounces

I just received my ounce of Bubba Kush for under $100 the other day. It's nice, coated, some what dense, and it gets us ripped. Good deal, and the weed arrived in 3 days :)

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Stella Swank 3 Reviews
The BluBerry cart is the best.

BOB's vapes are the new KEYY and are great, easy to use battery, and the carts do not make me cough a lung out. Hassle free experience and quick delivery, I'm a happy camper!

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