What are the best Shatter Brands in Canada and why?

Who makes the best shatter in Canada?

Rating and deciding what are the best Shatter brands Canada is easy here at Budhub. Our team has experience and expertise in this arena, from shatter reviews, moderating the Budhub Canada community user reviews and ratings, to working with the most popular Canadian Shatter brands. So, based off all of this unique knowledge, here is everything you need to know about who makes the best Shatter in Canada.

The best Shatter brands are concentrate companies who have the best:

  • Reputations and ratings for quality, product consistency, and value offering
  • Expertise in the extraction process utilizing the latest technologies
  • Proven market knowledge and experience

Always buy your Shatter from trusted and recommended brands.

Premium Craft Shatter by Nature’s Fire Concentrates.

Additionally, the best shatter brands are companies who focus on concentrates making them experts in their craft. The cannabis extraction companies who make it their mission to have the best lab tested shatter products sourced from the best quality cannabis available.

Many of the online dispensaries in Canada make their own Shatter in-house. While being mostly good to great products (see Shatter reviews below) they can sometimes have inconsistent quality and they are not lab tested for the most part. One positive though, you can get better Shatter prices by the gram and in bulk.

How much does shatter cost per gram in Canada?

To buy shatter by the gram in Canada, you will pay between $15 to $45 per gram. Canadian shatter prices by the gram vary due to:

  • Shatter quality, is it nug-run, or trim-run shatter. Is the quality rating AA, AAA, or AAAA shatter.
  • Was the shatter produced by a known concentrates brand, or is it house shatter from an online dispensary.

Best Shatter Brands Canada 2022

Here are Budhub’s top recommendations for the best and top-rated Shatter brands in Canada. Each concentrates company is verified and trusted with user reviews and ratings. These recommendations are also based on the brand’s overall popularity, reputation, and availability (market exposure) to the consumer. In order for the best Shatter brands to make our list, they must also provide lab-tested products using commercially certified facilities.

Hog-Extracts and House of Glass Shatter

About the Hog Extracts Brand House of Glass Hog Extracts is a Vancouver-based producer of fine concentrates established in 1994. We have an unlimited variety and strains of craft cannabis that make up our premium line of concentrates. We produce the finest pharmaceutical grade shatter around (75-90% THC).  Through extended distillation, curing and vacuum purging […]

Gasleak Shatter and Vapes

Welcome to Gasleak Shatter and Vapes. Gasleak Extracts is a Canadian cannabis brand that serves the medicinal market featuring top shatter strains and vape carts. Our products are all made from high quality cannabis and are made from professional and deeply experienced craft growers and producers. Expect the best concentrates from us that are clean, […]

Hooti Extracts Canada – The Brand, The Concentrates

Welcome to Hooti Extracts Canada About Hooti Extracts - The Brand Hooti Extracts represents an evolution in modern wellness powered by the healing potential of cannabis. Located in beautiful British Columbia, we are a proudly Canadian brand. Calling one of the world’s finest sources of cannabis our home, we strive to extract and encapsulate each [...]

So High Extracts & Vapes

Welcome to So High Extracts & Vapes Canada So High Extracts is a legit concentrates brand in Canada that has been in business for years serving the online retail marketplace. We are your hub for premium concentrates in Canada but not with premium prices. Our product lineup includes a wide range of shatter, vape pen […]

Green Supreme Cannabis & Extracts Canada

Welcome to Green Supreme Canada About Us We are a cannabis and concentrates company based out of BC Canada. We work very closely with craft cannabis growers and a team of highly skilled individuals who help produce our premium cannabis products. Currently Green Supreme produces; Budder, Diamonds, Sauce, Shatter, and Vape Carts. Each product goes under […]

Faded Cannabis & Shatter Extracts with Reviews

Welcome to Faded Cannabis and our Shatter Extracts Your hub to buy Faded Extracts online Canada with the best deals. About the Faded Extracts Brand We are an extraction and cannabis-infused food products company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We specialize in premium bud runs that preserve the taste, potency and consistency of each strain. […]

TopShelf Concentrates

  Welcome to TopShelf Premium Concentrates Born from the passion of its founders to embrace life’s highs, TopShelf is a band of enthusiasts inspired by culture, style, and the art of cannabis cultivation. Based in beautiful BC, delivering the highest-quality, ultra-premium, hand-crafted cannabis, 100% natural and pesticide free. Selected with the true connoisseur in mind, […]

Best Shatter Brands Canada (continued)

Phyto Extractions

Phyto Extractions are makers of some top-shelf shatter and extracts and are a well known shatter brand in Canada. What launched their popularity was back in 2015 as they were seen strutting their stuff and landed the 1st place trophy of the Karma Cup for the best concentrates. Read the full article in The Chronic Beaver

Everest Extracts

All of Everest Extracts shatter is tested for THC % and include full product descriptions that cover strain genetics, effects, known medical benefits, and lineage, creating a personalized experience and an excellent brand. Read Everest Shatter reviews on The Chronic Beaver

Best House Shatter from Online Dispensaries

As mentioned earlier, many of the online dispensaries in Canada make their own Shatter in-house, and it’s quite often cheaper when it comes to price. We have sampled lots of it and compared and reviewed some of the best house shatter online over on The Chronic Beaver. Read the full article

House Shatter recommendations from top-rated online dispensaries:

Haute Health Online Dispensary

Haute Health Online Dispensary Canada 2022 Welcome, we are a group of compassionate enthusiasts with deep experience in everything cannabis. Haute Health is a great bulk dispensary for cannabis, concentrates, edibles and CBD. We also offer daily smoking weed deals with up to 70% off a large selection of products. Plus, use our exclusive Budhub [...]

West Coast Cannabis Online Dispensary

Welcome to West Coast Cannabis Online Dispensary We are a Canadian mail order marijuana (MOM) dispensary and are passionate about our great line of products and the level of customer service we provide. We offer wholesale dispensary prices on our cannabis and concentrates with mix and match options that are sure to please anyone. We [...]

The Grow House Online Dispensary

Welcome to The Grow House Online Dispensary Canada Buy weed online from one of the West Coast's best online dispensaries. All of our products are grown and sourced from British Columbia's best grow houses and concentrate labs available. Our extensive menu offers wholesale bulk marijuana deals, daily flower sales up to 50% off, concentrates, edibles, [...]

Crystal Cloud 9 Online Dispensary

Crystal Cloud 9 online dispensary is Canada's best source for west coast cannabis with fair pricing and customer-focused tier 1 support. A Higher Calling Our mission is simple — we’re here to make buying incredible cannabis online as easy as possible for you. Crystal Cloud 9 is a customer-focused, British Columbia-based online cannabis dispensary serving [...]

Green Society MMJ Online Dispensary

Welcome to Green Society, we are your # 1 online dispensary in Canada. We are a safe and discreet mail-order marijuana service based in Vancouver, Canada. Our website allows you to easily order weed online and we offer the fastest delivery and some of the best quality cannabis in the world, you’ll never second guess [...]

Low Price Bud Direct

Welcome to Low Price Bud online dispensary. Get the best value for your money with wholesale pricing and deals on bulk marijuana and concentrates. Featuring a huge inventory with mix & match bundles to tempt everyone. About Low Price Bud. We are a team of passionate weed lovers with over 15 years of experience in [...]

Healing Empire Online Dispensary

Healing Empire Online Dispensary Vancouver We are so pleased that you found us. We are the top online dispensary in 2022 based out of Vancouver for 2 simple reasons. First, we carry BC craft (limited batch) cannabis ranging from budget buds to AAAA+ strains. Second, our customer service team is very knowledgeable about everything cannabis [...]

WeedSmart Canada Online Dispensary

Welcome to Weedsmart Canada Online Dispensary. We are Canadian owned and operated, born and raised in beautiful British Columbia. WeedSmart has been in business for several years making us an established and trusted online dispensary for premium BC cannabis, high grade concentrates, and lab tested edibles. When you shop with us, you can rest assured [...]

Get Kush Online Dispensary

Welcome to Get Kush, Canada's online dispensary for bulk weed. We have one simple goal: to create the best shopping experience while saving you money on great high-quality cannabis sourced from BC's finest craft growers. At GetKush you save some serious hard-earned money when you buy bulk weed online, see the discounts below: Mix & [...]


So there you have it, we hope our best shatter brands guide helped you discover some new industry leading concentrate brands and showed you what to look for when you want the best Shatter in Canada. Our Canadian cannabis wonderland is a true marvel with endless options out there, so it’s important to remember to get your Shatter from trusted brands and dispensaries for the best and safest experience possible.


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