Welcome to Flyte Concentrates Canada, Canada’s Most Popular Flyte (Keyy) Vape Pen Brand

Flyte Concentrates Canada is in the business of creating the best and most trusted cannabis vape pens and cartridges. Period.

Technology continues to open new pathways to deliver the many benefits of cannabis and Flyte is working hard to be among companies the forefront of this new global acceptance of cannabis and cannabis derivatives.

Translation: we’re pretty much a bunch of vape pen nerds.

Is KEYY the same as Flyte vape pens and cartridges?

KEYY Vape Pens brand is the same as Flyte Vape Pens brand

KEYY Vape Pens Brand

Flyte Concentrates Canada is the same company as KEYY Concentrates Canada. Flyte just re-branded their vape pens and CBD/THC refill cartridges to KEYY, it was all about marketing.  All of Flyte’s products are the exact same quality as KEYY products, they just have different logos on the packaging. Flyte pen chargers, Flyte CBD cartridges, refill Flyte pens, and Flyte concentrates flavours are all re-branded to KEYY cartridges and vape pens Canada.

When you buy Flyte vape pens online, you might get a KEYY pen branded product instead, they are exactly the same and you can trust both brands for the excellence they are known for.

Flyte Concentrates Flavours, KEYY Cartridge Canada

Flyte concentrates flavours are available in a wide variety from online dispensaries including but not limited to; Flyte/KEYY Vape Pen Starter Kits in, Blueberry, Grapefruit Haze, Green Crack God (GCG), Mango, Tangerine, Charlotte’s Web (8:1) CBD, and Flyte Vape Pen Kit in Mint (1:0) CBD.

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2 Reviews for Flyte Concentrates Canada – Keyy Vape Pen Brand


4 Reviews

I like the Flyte Brand too

4/ 5

Their vapes have always been easy to use and draw from. Quality carts and good hardware is everything..

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Eric Starman

6 Reviews

Wicked carts

5/ 5

The Flyte brand has always been rock solid and quality is why, when i vape, its Flyte.

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Q What is the minimum age to buy Flyte (KEYY) vape pens online?

19+ Photo ID will be required.

Q How to use Flyte Pen Instructions / KEYY Vape Pen instructions

1) First, you need to charge the vape pen body. You can do this by threading the tip onto the USB charger and then plugging the USB into your computer, or a charger port. Once the light on the charger turns green, it’s ready to go!

2) Next, thread the mouthpiece cartridge onto the fully charged vape pen body. Press your lips to the tip of the cartridge and inhale deeply three times (without pressing the button on the pen body). This ensures the ceramic coils in the cartridge are coated with oil, so that there is no metallic taste when first vaporizing the oil.

3) After coating the coils with oil, press the button 3 times in a row until the light on the pen body starts to flash. To vaporize the oil, hold down the button while pressing your lips to the tip of the cartridge and inhaling deeply.

4) You can moderate your dosage by the length of your inhale coupled with the button held down. Be mindful the longer you hold the button down, the greater the amount of oil you vaporize at once and the faster you will finish the cartridge.

5) Note, when the button is held down, always be sure to draw air through the cartridge chamber. This ensures you get the maximum use of your oil and vape pen operational life.

6) Once you have finished use, press the button 3 times in a row to switch the pen off before placing it back in your pocket.

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