Canada’s Best Vape Pen Brands & Cartridges (THC & CBD)

The best vape pens and cartridges in Canada for THC cannabis oil and CBD oil comes from the best and most popular Canadian Vape Pen brands who are established in the marketplace. In 2021 and beyond vape pens will continue to rise to epic levels of popularity due to their convenient and versatile uses. Portability and simplicity being the top 2 favorite benefits of Cannabis vape pens. The quality of the cannabis extract that’s filled in the cartridges are another factor.

Join us on a quick journey of the best of the best. We have tested, rated, and drilled down a top 5 list of the best vape pen cartridges based on user reviews on Budhub, our review team’s personal experiences, and overall brand popularity in the marketplace. We also have the best vape pen brands listed on Budhub Canada who feature the best vape pens when it comes to build quality, and THC and/or CBD cannabis quality.

Vape pens come with many different types of THC and CBD concentrate cartridges including:

  • Cannabis Oil Cartridges (Indica, Hybrid, Sativa)
  • THC and CBD Distillate Cartridges
  • THC/CBD Mixed Cartridges
  • Liquid Shatter Cartridges
  • Live Resin Cartridges
  • Full Spectrum Cannabis C02 Oil Cartridges
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil Cartridges

Here are the top 5 vape pen cartridges (THC & CBD) in Canada.


Cartridge Type

Info / Reviews

#1 Fruit Loops (Indica) >

$49 500mg / Lit Vape Pens / Product Review

12 strains / $45 1.0ml / Foggy Forest / Product Review

15 strains / $55 1.0ml / Foggy Forest / Product Review

25+ Strains / $50 1.0ml / HTFSE / Brand Review

$50 500mg of Full Specrum CBD / User Reviews

Here are the best vape pen brands in Canada.

(For Cannabis THC and CBD Cartridges)

The below vape pen brands are established companies with  great user reviews, and a loyal customer base.

Lit Vape Pens have been in the Canadian market for years and have some of the best THC distillate carts around with a large selection of strains. Please note that there vape pen batteries use a button, and are not compatible with the button-less vape pen batteries and cartridges.

The Foggy Forest is another established brand and have a huge selection of vapes, from shatter, live resin, THC and CBD full spectrum distillate, C02 carts, and more.

High Voltage Extracts has taken the market by storm with their award winning brand, make sure to take a look at there line of vape carts.

Pyro Extracts are a proud Canadian brand with a large menu offering, their vape carts are value priced and utilize the newest technologies to help deliver the cleanest and purest vaping experience.

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