Last Updated on October 26, 2023

Best Concentrates in Canada

THC Diamonds from Green Society

The best concentrates in Canada 2023 are found online from Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) dispensaries. Expect to find brand and product profiles, unboxing reviews and customer reviews for some of the cannabis concentrates on the market. Including most types of popular concentrates from established brands and house dispensary brands. Concentrates such as Shatter, Hash, Cannabis Oils, THC Diamonds, Terp Sauce, HTFSE, CBD Oil, Edibles, Vape Pens, Distillates, Kief, Live Resin, and Moon Rocks.

If buying online in bulk is your thing, then we got you, discover an article about the cheapest bulk concentrates online.

All the recommendations made are from trusted and verified brands and established online dispensaries. So let’s dig in right into the details and get the high THC party started!

Best Concentrates by Brand

Here are the top recommendations and best-rated concentrate brands in Canada. Each extracts company is verified and trusted with user reviews and ratings. These recommendations are also based on the brand’s overall popularity, reputation, and availability (market exposure) to the consumer.

High Voltage Extracts – Live Resin, HTFSE, & Vape Cartridges

Welcome to High Voltage Extracts Canada Your hub to buy High Voltage Extracts online in 2023. About Us High Voltage Extracts is a Canadian cannabis brand based out of Vancouver Island, BC. The team at High Voltage are high on life and they love everything about living on Vancouver Island. They incorporate the Island’s pristine [...]

Hooti Extracts Canada – The Brand, The Concentrates

Welcome to Hooti Extracts Canada About Hooti Extracts - The Brand Hooti Extracts represents an evolution in modern wellness powered by the healing potential of cannabis. Located in beautiful British Columbia, we are a proudly Canadian brand. Calling one of the world’s finest sources of cannabis our home, we strive to extract and encapsulate each [...]

TopShelf Concentrates

  Welcome to TopShelf Premium Concentrates Born from the passion of its founders to embrace life’s highs, TopShelf is a band of enthusiasts inspired by culture, style, and the art of cannabis cultivation. Based in beautiful BC, delivering the highest-quality, ultra-premium, hand-crafted cannabis, 100% natural and pesticide free. Selected with the true connoisseur in mind, […]

Viridesco Cannabis Oils

Welcome to Viridesco Cannabis Oils Canada Viridesco (Latin) "I Become Green" About Viridesco Oil for Life Our mission is to provide unadulterated lab tested, medical grade hemp (CBD) and cannabis-derived extracts for the Canadian marketplace. Since our inception, Viridesco Cannabis has partnered with Patron who are inventors of the world's most advanced concentrate dispenser systems [...]

Buy Moon Rocks Online Canada

Welcome to Moonrock Canada Moon Rock Canada is delighted to offer their line of high quality, consistent products for medical marijuana patients across the country. Their deliciously flavored moon rocks and pre-rolls produce otherworldly euphoria. Moonrock Canada develops concentrate covered marijuana buds for folks feeling a little, or a lot out of orbit. Patients that […]

Willo Brand THC & CBD Vapes, Edibles, Oils

Willo is your destination for high quality cannabis products. About Us Our brand was born during the pandemic, raised through the lockdown, and continues adapting to the ever-changing circumstances of life. We understand that many people are seeking a natural and healthy alternative to pharmaceutical options for comfort and relief. Whether you experience disorientation upon [...]

CBD Magic: With Customer Reviews

Premium lab-tested CBD oil and gummies with fast and free shipping. Welcome to CBD Magic, where the essence of luxury meets the purity of nature, presented through our curated selection of CBD products derived from non-GMO, mature industrial hemp stalks. Our establishment is the brainchild of a seasoned collective with a cumulative 40 years of [...]

Nature’s Fire Concentrates – Wholesale & Retail

Welcome to Nature's Fire Concentrates Canada The Best Concentrates and Extracts in Canada About Nature's Fire Concentrates Nature’s Fire Concentrates is a Canadian premium cannabis brand that works with only the highest quality medical grade AAAA craft cannabis. We mainly source our flower from Sacred Garden & The Berlin Flower Co, resulting in some absolutely stellar AAAA [...]

List of the Best Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries for Concentrates

With customer reviews, and the latest discounts and coupons.

Low Price Bud Direct

Low Price Bud Direct 2024: Get Fast Shipping Canada-Wide Get the best value for your money with wholesale pricing and deals on bulk marijuana and concentrates. Featuring a huge inventory with mix & match bundles to tempt everyone. About Low Price Bud We are a team of passionate weed lovers with well over 15 years [...]

BXN Bud Express Now With Reviews

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality BC sourced cannabis products with the cheapest prices and ultra fast service. Bud Express Now is an established online dispensary in Canada based out of Vancouver BC. We have a very large cannabis menu featuring some of BC's best and most popular strains from affordable ounces to the best [...]

Haute Health Online Dispensary

Haute Health Online Dispensary Canada 2024 Welcome, we are a group of compassionate enthusiasts with deep experience in everything cannabis. Haute Health is Canada's top dispensary for cannabis, concentrates, edibles, magic mushrooms, and CBD. We also offer daily smoking weed deals with up to 82% off a large selection of products. Plus, use our exclusive [...]

The Grow House Online Dispensary

The Grow House Canada Buy weed online from one of the West Coast's best online dispensaries. All of our products are grown and sourced from British Columbia's best grow houses and concentrate labs available. Our extensive menu offers wholesale bulk marijuana deals, daily flower sales up to 50% off, concentrates, edibles, vapes, and CBD products [...]

West Coast Cannabis Online Dispensary

We provide the best and largest selection of cannabis strains at the lowest prices guaranteed for 2023. We are a Canadian mail order marijuana (MOM) dispensary and are passionate about our great line of products and the level of customer service we provide. We offer wholesale dispensary prices on our cannabis and concentrates with mix [...]

Speed Greens Online Dispensary With Reviews

Welcome to Speed Greens: Canada's Trusted Online Dispensary in 2024 Updated February 05, 2024 -  Our mission continues to be quite simple, to bring you quality products, at the best price with the greatest service and with the highest packaging/shipping standards in the industry. That is why we have been rated the best online dispensary [...]

BudLyft Online Dispensary

Featuring $99 or less AAA to AAAA ounces, Canada's best hash, and so much more. BudLyft in 2023 is one of the best online dispensaries in Canada. Every product is carefully curated with you in mind. Whether you are looking for cannabis for medicinal purposes, or premium quality products for recreational use, we have what [...]

BulkWeedInbox: Profile & Reviews

Canada’s Leading Wholesale Online Dispensary BulkWeedinBox is committed to providing a superior mail-order marijuana experience. With a broad range of quality cannabis products and a knowledgeable support team, they strive for reliability and customer satisfaction. They offer a variety of cannabis strains, hand-selected for their unique effects, flavors, and aromas, alongside other products like concentrates, […]

BC Weed Edible Online Direct With Reviews

BC Weed Edible: Your Legit Online Dispensary Delivering Canada-Wide Looking for a fun and easy way to enjoy cannabis? Try our delicious THC & CBD edibles! Edible gummies, chocolates, and brownies are a great way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without needing to smoke or vape. Our edible products are perfect for anyone looking [...]

Best of Lists – Hash, Shatter, Vapes, Edibles

Checkout our list of top performing articles with bulk concentrate deals.

Best Hash in Canada Top 7 List

ContentsThe Best Hash in Canada: Top 7 ListBest Hash in Canada Breakdown1) Real Bubble Hash2) Moroccan Hash (Rare Import)3) Black Gold Seal Hash4) Afghani Hash5) Mazar Sharif Hash6) Nepalese Ball Hash7) Lebanese Camel HashWhere to Buy Imported Hash OnlineBulk Hash DealsConclusion Welcome to my list of the best hash options in Canada for 2023. Hash, […]

Best Deals for Bulk Concentrates

Welcome to the wonderful world of bulk concentrates in Canada with every sticky-icky THC trichome detail that you need to know. The review team here at Budhub Canada has some unique insight on where to buy the best cannabis concentrates online in bulk and in wholesale quantities.

Shatter Brands in Canada

Our team has experience and expertise in this arena, from shatter reviews, moderating user reviews and ratings, to working with the most popular Shatter brands. So, based off all of this unique knowledge, here is what you need to know about who makes the best Shatter in Canada.

Cheap Shatter Canada, Compare and Save

ContentsShatter price and quality comparison chart.Best Dispensaries to Buy Cheap Shatter Online Canada1) The Grow House: Best in class for the cheapest AAAA premium shatter.2) Haute Health is another top pick for cheap house shatter sold by the gram and in bulk.3) Low Price Bud online dispensary for the best-priced bulk shatter by the ounce.4) […]

Best Vape Brands & Carts (THC & CBD)

Join us on a quick journey of the best of the best. We have tested, rated, and drilled down a top 5 list of the best vape pens and cartridges based on user reviews, our review team’s personal experiences, and overall brand popularity in the marketplace.

Strongest Edibles Canada – Out of Control

ContentsWhat qualifies as strong edibles?Top 4 Strongest Edibles in Canada: From the Best Online Dispensaries#1 Willo 1000mg THC Gummies#2 Atomic Wheelchair Puck (1000mg THC)#3 High Dose Gummies (1000mg of THC)#4 1000mg THC Chocolates – The Strongest Chocolate Edibles in CanadaList of Strong Edibles That We Also LikedBest Canadian Weed Edible Brands Who Specialize in Strong […]

5 Best CBD Gummies in Canada Reviewed

ContentsHere are the 5 Best CBD Gummies in Canada with Reviews 2022FYI – The Difference Between Full Spectrum CBD Oil and CBD IsolateHere are the 5 Best CBD Gummies and Edibles in Canada based on Reviews and Popularity1) Zen Leafs CBD Gummies2) BC Weed Edible 50mg CBD Gummies3) Herbivores Variety CBD Gummies4) CBD Cara-Melts by […]