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07 September

Looking to save money when buying weed in Canada? This article provides helpful tips on cutting costs while enjoying your favorite marijuana products. From buying in bulk to comparing prices and taking advantage of sales, learn how to save money on weed in Canada.

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27 July

Are you interested in learning how to roll the perfect joint? Well, we’ve got some interesting information for you. Recently, researchers conducted a study using a smoking machine to test the intensit…

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01 May

Weed Measurements 3.5-gram bud of Sweet Tooth = 1 Eighth Since the legalization of Cannabis in Canada, there are tonnes of Canadians trying cannabis for the first time and there is always misconceptions among regular weed smokers of what weed measurements actually are and how the slang is defined. As I’m sure you are aware, […]

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27 September

Here is an overview of the types of cannabis (Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid). Often people are confused about what each type is and what the effects are for each. It’s becoming more important these days to know what each type of cannabis is because Canadians are faced with overwhelming options in our legalized cannabis frontier. We […]

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