The Best Shake and Trim Canada Buyers Guide


AAAA Premium Shake from The Grow House

The best shake and trim online in Canada is available in many types and grades. You can buy shake in bulk quantities such as a QP of shake or a pound of shake. You can get Sativa shake, Indica and Hybrid strains as well. There is also AAAA premium shake Canada, mixed shake AAA, and mixed popcorn buds and shake. There are numerous options out there online with lots of great deals, so lets break it all down.

All of the below recommendations to buy shake and trim online come from online dispensaries who are verified and trusted on the Budhub Canada platform.

If weed measurements trip you out, then take a look at our info-graphic for assistance.  Also, at the end of this guide, learn about the main differences between shake and trim.

AAAA Shake Canada / Premium Shake

The best AAAA shake in Canada is available from a select number of online dispensaries that comes in various strains and is sometimes mixed with Sativas, Indicas and Hybrids.

Here are the top 3 premium shake products available online.

1) Premium Mixed Shake from The Grow House – Go to product
Including 3 cannabis strains, Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies, and Black diamond. QP (4ozs) $200 / Half Pound (8ozs) $350 / One Pound (16ozs) $600

2) Premium Bud AAAA Shake at BudLyft – Go to product
1 ounce $35 / 2 ounces $65 / QP (4 ozs) $125

3) AAAA Shake & Trim at The High Club – Go to product
1 ounce $70 / QP (4 ozs) $150 / 1/2 pound $250 / 1 pound $500 These AAAA organic sugar hand-trim leaves are made up of a mix of all our highest quality flowers and they are perfect for making edibles, pressing or extracting rosin and oils, or even a smoke. Each bag will vary and contain stems and leaves. You may also find some popcorn nugs!

Mixed Shake AAA

AA to AAA Shake is more widely available online. Also some of the dispensaries offer mixed shake and trim with A to AAA+ grades.

Here are the top 3 mixed shake products available online.

1) Mixed Shake AAA at West Coast Cannabis – Go to product
Sale 1 ounce (28 grams) $60 $25 / quarter pound (4 ounces) $175 $75  /  half pound (8 ounces) $300 $150 / full pound (16 ounces) $500 $250

2) AAA Girl Scout Cookies Trim at Speed Greens – Go to menu
$35 per ounce (28 grams)

3) AA Mixed Shake & Trim at The High Club – Go to menu
Half pound of shake/trim (8 ounces) $150 / 1 pound of shake/trim (16 ounces) $200

Bulk Shake Canada

Buying bulk shake online in Canada is your best bet for the cheapest deals. Bulk shake is sold online by the QP (Quarter Pound), Half Pound, and in Pounds of shake.

Here are the cheapest bulk shake deals online now.

1) QP of Shake at Haute Health – Basic Grade, also sold by the gram for $1. QP $106.40 / half pound $190.40 – Go to product

2) QP of AAAA Shake at BudLyft – 4 ounces $125 – Go to product

3) Half Pound of Shake at West Coast CannabisSale Grade A quality, mixed. Half Pound $125 $90 / 1 pound $200 $150 – Go to product

4) Pound of Shake & Trim at The High Club – AA quality, 1 pound $200 / half pound $150 – Go to menu

The Best Online Dispensaries to Buy Shake and Trim Online

All of the above recommendations come from the best suited mail order marijuana dispensaries who are featured below. Learn more about each dispensary brand, read their customer reviews, and get their latest coupon codes and promotions for some great cheap deals for shake and trim.

The Grow House Online Dispensary

The Grow House Canada Buy weed online from one of the West Coast's best online dispensaries. All of our products are grown and sourced from British Columbia's best grow houses and concentrate labs available. Our extensive menu offers wholesale bulk marijuana deals, daily flower sales up to 50% off, concentrates, edibles, vapes, and CBD products [...]

West Coast Cannabis Online Dispensary

We provide the best and largest selection of cannabis strains at the lowest prices guaranteed for 2023. We are a Canadian mail order marijuana (MOM) dispensary and are passionate about our great line of products and the level of customer service we provide. We offer wholesale dispensary prices on our cannabis and concentrates with mix [...]

The High Club

The High Club online dispensary is not just another cookie-cutter online cannabis dispensary based out of Vancouver BC. We are dedicated to making it easier for Canadians who require medicinal cannabis therapy to access a premium quality-controlled supply of cannabis at affordable bulk weed prices. We also put your privacy as one of our top [...]

BudLyft Online Dispensary

Featuring $99 or less AAA to AAAA ounces, Canada's best hash, and so much more. BudLyft in 2023 is one of the best online dispensaries in Canada. Every product is carefully curated with you in mind. Whether you are looking for cannabis for medicinal purposes, or premium quality products for recreational use, we have what [...]

The Canna Society Online Dispensary

"The Canna Society online dispensary offers the most competitive weed prices on the market today." Welcome to The Canna Society. We are a group of cannabis professionals with extensive experience in the mail order marijuana industry. From sourcing the best BC bud, to providing the best service that you can trust, we always go that [...]

Speed Greens Online Dispensary

Welcome to Speed Greens 2023 Our mission continues to be quite simple in 2022, to bring you quality products, at the best price with the greatest service and with the highest packaging/shipping standards in the industry. That is why we have been rated the best online dispensary in Canada. Our company is comprised of passionate [...]

What is the difference between shake and trim?


  • Shake can be a higher quality product with more trichomes and higher THC levels.
  • Shake is the bottom of the bag leftovers from your buds that have already been trimmed.
  • Sativa shake or Indica shake can be enjoyable to smoke and vape if it comes from high quality weed.


  • Trim is the collection of unwanted marijuana leaves and twigs during harvest, there is minimal flower present.
  • Trim has lower THC levels and less trichomes present.
  • Trim is generally a product that you don’t want to smoke, its best used for making edibles and concentrates.