Updated February 15, 2024

Best bulk concentrates Canada 2024 from the best-rated online dispensaries.

Welcome to the wonderful world of bulk concentrates in Canada with every sticky-icky THC trichome detail that you need to know. The review team here at Budhub Canada has some unique insight on where to buy the best cannabis concentrates online in bulk and wholesale quantities. Since 2017, we have been working closely with the best online dispensaries who are known for bulk value, service, and product quality.

Our experience in this arena extends to:

  • What types of concentrates are available online in bulk
  • How much they cost and what are the best deals
  • What product quality you can expect in 2024

All the below recommendations are from the best bulk online dispensaries in Canada that have excellent reputations and have been verified by our review team.

Bulk Concentrates Canada Gold Seal Hash

One-pound slabs of this hash are available at Budlyft online dispensary.

What quantities are available when it comes to Bulk Concentrates?

We all know what THC and CBD concentrates and extracts are right? Hey, that’s why we’re here! There are some confusing concentrates terminology out there, and they more or less all mean the same thing. Let me break it down:

Bulk Concentrates Canada is available online from a limited number of recreational and medical online dispensaries. They are sold in higher quantities other than one gram or 3.5 grams. Normally, bulk concentrates are available in 14 gram and 28 gram (1 ounce) increments and in mix-and-match packs. Low Price Bud is a good example.

Wholesale Concentrates Canada is also available online from fewer online dispensaries. Normally they are sold in quantities of 28 gram (1 ounce) to 16 ounces (1 pound) increments. Haute Health and Budlyft are good examples.

Wholesale Extracts Canada is the same thing as Wholesale Concentrates Canada. Cannabis extracts are another way of saying cannabis concentrates.

Bulk Extracts Canada is the same thing as Bulk Concentrates Canada.

What types of concentrates are available online in bulk?

This is a limited list. Concentrates such as HTFSE and THC Diamonds are only sold by the gram due to their high price tag. Sometimes you will find them available in mix and match packs.

  • Shatter
  • Hash
  • Budder
  • Crumble
  • Kief
  • Live Resin
  • THC/CBD Edibles

What quality can I expect?

For the most part, the quality of the concentrates depends on the grade you buy and the reputation and transparency of the dispensary. Cheap bulk concentrates in Canada have a double meaning when it comes to quality and price. You can buy cheap concentrates in bulk that are top-shelf AAAA quality but with a good price tag attached. Like anything else, the more you buy online, the cheaper the concentrates are. On the flip side, you can buy bulk concentrates online that are lower in quality, but at a much lower price. For example, cheap $10 or $15 shatter by-the-ounce that’s dark in colour, or low-grade AA hash that doesn’t burn, crumble or fluff well.

Bulk Concentrates Canada Comparison Chart


Bulk/Wholesale Details

Best Online Dispensary

Shatter (AAA-AAAA)

Sold by the ounce ($400-$550), QP, half pound, mix & match packs

Hash (AA-AAAA)

Sold in ounces of hash ($180-$400), QP, half and full pound

Budder / Crumble / Wax

Sold by the half oz, 1 ounce ($300-$550), and QP, also in mix & match packs

Kief (AA-AAAA)

Sold by the ounce, QP, half and full pound

Live Resin and Rosin

Sold by the half oz and in full ounces ($325-$1120), also in mix & match packs

West Coast Cannabis - Speed Greens (with popular extracts brands)

THC/CBD Edibles

Available in 100, 250, 1000 packs in various dosages

Best 6 reviewed online dispensaries to buy bulk concentrates online.

Read customer reviews and get their latest offerings and coupon codes. Each dispensary recommendation below has something different to offer. For example, West Coast Cannabis is your best overall choice to buy bulk concentrates online, with lots of mix-and-match variety packs. While Speed Greens offers concentrates from the best extract brands in Canada. Also, take a look at The Grow House, they have great bulk deals and cheap concentrate sales by the gram.

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Low Price Bud Direct

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Best concentrate brands available for bulk online orders.

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