Find the Best Super Quads of Weed Online Canada

Best Craft Cannabis Canada 2021 with reviews.

The best super quads of weed in Canada can be sourced from online dispensaries with a reputation for having consistent top-shelf cannabis of AAAA, AAAA+ or AAAAA bud quality. These mail-order marijuana shops are based out of British Columbia and have been the leaders in cultivating BC craft cannabis since the 1970s. Their experience is second to none when it comes to growing and curing the best cannabis in Canada.

AAAA Maui Wowie sativa strain.

The above image was taken for a super quads review of the Maui Wowie weed strain. Read the review >

When browsing for super quads online, you will also notice that sometimes they are referred to as Craft Cannabis, Quad Cans, High-grade AAAA, or Premium Strains. Each online dispensary grades its weed independently, so having firsthand experience is key to finding the best super quads online. Thankfully, the Budhub review team has deep experience in this arena and has reviewed some of the best quality strains out there, so let’s break it all down.

All of the below recommendations to buy super quads of weed online and bulk quads of weed come from online dispensaries that are verified and a trusted brand on the Budhub Canada platform.

Super Quads Weed Meaning

Super Quads of weed are the best of the best marijuana flowers that can be Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid strains. They can be AAAA quality weed, AAAA+, or AAAAA (5A) depending on the weed grading system used by the dispensary and the reputation of the craft growers. Super quads have a proper cure that helps develop a rich terpene profile, a superior bud structure, and with impressive trichome coverage.

Best Super Quad Strain 2021 –  E85 Unicorn Cup 1st Place Winner

The strain E85 recently won the Unicorn Cup and took first prize with a score of 39.3 out of 50. It was a narrow victory as the second place strain LA05 scored 39.22 out of 50.

E85 is an Indica dominant strain that clocks in with impressive THC levels at 28% to 30.5%. These exotic quads are without a doubt the best super quads in Canada the Budhub review team has enjoyed so far in 2021. We managed to get our hands on some of this amazing weed 3 weeks after the strain took first place from The Grow House. The images below are shots we took using an iPhone and macro lens.

Learn more about E85 >

5 Best Super Quad Strains You Have to Check Out

Here are 5 recommendations of some of the best of the best super quads Budhub has sampled and or reviewed.

Super Quad Strain 

Grade Rating / Reviews

#2 Lemon Cookies (Hybrid) >

AAAAA / BudLyft / Strain Review

#3 King Louis XIII (Indica) >

AAAA+ Craft / Speed Greens / Strain Review

#4 Tom Ford (Indica) >

AAAA Designer / The Grow House

#5 Purple Bruce Banner (Sativa) >

AAAA+ Craft / West Coast Cannabis / Reviews

Top-rated BC Online Dispensaries to Buy Super Quads of Weed Online

All of the above super quad recommendations come from the best-suited mail order marijuana dispensaries to buy quads online who are featured below. Learn more about each dispensary brand, read their customer reviews, and get their latest coupon codes and promotions for some premium marijuana. If you are hunting for bulk weed quads, then West Coast Cannabis is the best choice for craft cannabis in bulk.

Super Quads Highlights:

  • The Grow House is a top choice to buy quads online. They feature a premium collection of AAAA award-winning craft cannabis strains, with lots of great sales running all the time. See menu
  • West Coast Cannabis (WCC) features a Craft Cannabis category of AAAA+ strains. This MOM is the best place to buy wholesale super quads online and bulk quads of weed. See menu
  • BudLyft Online Dispensary features a curated collection of AAAAA strains that are some of the best Budhub has sampled in that category. Plus they have bulk weed quads on sale. See menu
  • Speed Greens has a nice selection of AAAA top-shelf craft cannabis with 9 strains or more featured. See menu

Buy Quads Online from the Best BC Online Dispensaries

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