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Best Rated Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) Online Dispensary List 2024

Dive into the crème de la crème of MOM online dispensaries in Canada, featuring our acclaimed “Best Canadian MOM of 2023”. The quest for the ideal Mail Order Marijuana dispensary may seem overwhelming. As of 2024, Canada hosts over 400 online dispensaries, with fresh faces continually joining the scene. In this edition, we’ve enriched our list with “Notable Bulk MOM Mentions who Dominate the Canadian Marketplace”, and curated a detailed checklist on how to determine trust when choosing a mail order dispensary, plus insights on understanding customer reviews, guiding you through the labyrinth of choices to the prime destinations for your cannabis needs.

The acronym MOM stands for “Mail Order Marijuana”

These online dispensaries have quite a history and have been operating in the Canadian marketplace since the legalization of medical marijuana in the early 2000s.

The acronym Bulk MOM stands for “Bulk Mail Order Marijuana”

These online services are like shopping at Costco but for cannabis in Canada. There are several differences when it comes to comparing these types of MOMs. The biggest standout difference is that a bulk MOM offers half-pound mix-and-match deals, full-pound mix-and-match deals, and deals on multiple ounces of weed and concentrates.

Your typical Bulk MOM will offer volume discounts that look like this:

  • Receive 45% off, when 8 or more ounces are added to your cart.
  • Receive 35% off, when 3 or more ounces are added to your cart.
  • Receive 15% off, when 2 or more ounces are added to your cart.
  • Receive 15% off, when 3 or more quarter pounds are added to your cart.
  • Receive 10% off, when 2 or more quarter pounds are added to your cart.

The list exclusively features online dispensaries that have been verified by the Budhub Canada listing review team with excellent reputations based on their customer reviews, feedback from our review team, how the dispensary handles complaints, refunds, and returns, and finally, overall online popularity.

When choosing the ideal MOM, there are several factors to consider. Some dispensaries specialize in AAAA flowers and cater to the quad hunters out there with premium products from top-tier cannabis brands. While others concentrate on budget-friendly marijuana and concentrates (such as Kief shatter, hash, CBD, and live resin). Additionally, some dispensaries cater to the bulk medical marijuana market, offering cannabis deals with discounts ranging from 45% to 80% off the retail price.

Best MOM Canada 2023 award

Winner of the Best Canadian MOM 2023 Award

West Coast Cannabis (WCC) took first place in 2021, and they continue to hold the top spot for 2023. This online dispensary’s reputation for service excellence, value, and quality remains undisputed. Overall, West Coast Cannabis still has the highest ratings on Budhub Canada, and Trustpilot in 2023 based on customer reviews. The Budhub Canada community interacts with West Coast Cannabis the most and is the most popular based on page views and sales as well.

Winners are announced in early January for the previous year and the review team at Budhub Canada is very much looking forward to next year to see who takes the #1 spot for the best Canadian MOM in 2024. Here are the ranking factors we use to help make our decision.

West Coast Cannabis is the best because:

  • Huge cannabis and concentrates offering that caters to both the budget-minded as well as the high-end customers
  • Excellent reviews throughout the web
  • Excellent service, very responsive and compassionate
  • Generates the most traffic on Budhub Canada in the Online Dispensary Canada category
  • The best-continued value and promotions/cash giveaways
  • Retails the biggest selection of cannabis strains, concentrates, and CBD brands in Canada

Top 5 List: Best-rated and Reviewed Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries

Apart from West Coast Cannabis holding the #1 spot, here are 5 more top online dispensaries that are held in high regard with details of what they bring to the table.

#1) Low Price Bud

Best known for their outstanding customer experience, fast and convenient free shipping, value-priced mix-and-match options, huge cannabis menu (budget-friendly and premium quality weed), and super-friendly online budtenders.

Low Price Bud stands out for its exceptional customer experience, ensuring a smooth journey from selection to delivery. The dispensary offers complimentary shipping on orders exceeding $150, adding to the convenience. Their value-priced mix-and-match options alongside a comprehensive cannabis menu cater to a range of preferences, balancing cost and quality. The extensive selection encompasses both budget-friendly and premium-quality weed, providing a spectrum of choices. Additionally, the online budtenders are exceptionally approachable and knowledgeable, enhancing the overall shopping experience. The combination of a vast product range, competitive pricing, and exemplary customer service positions Low Price Bud as a premier choice for online cannabis shopping.

Low Price Bud Direct

I ordered last week a QP of quads mix and match, and it was all really good. The OG Kush is my ...

#2) Haute Health for Best Value

Best known for its heavily discounted daily deals, cheaply priced BC concentrates, customer rewards, fast and free shipping, budget buds, and aggressive coupon code offerings.

Haute Health is synonymous with value, renowned for its heavily discounted daily deals and economically priced BC concentrates. The dispensary appreciates its clientele through customer rewards, paired with fast and complimentary shipping services. Its budget buds cater to those medical marijuana users seeking quality at competitive prices, while aggressive coupon code offerings further enhance the value provided. Haute Health’s commitment to delivering value without compromising on quality makes it a distinguished choice for all your cannabis product needs.

#3) Budlyft Online Dispensary

Best known for its $100 ounces or less of AAA BC weed, huge selection of hash, customer rewards and gifts, compassionate pricing, and end-to-end delivery services Canada-wide and with same-day services in the Vancouver tri-cities area.

Budlyft Online Dispensary emerges as a notable choice for cannabis enthusiasts, courtesy of its $100 ounces or less pricing for AAA BC weed. Their extensive selection of hash, alongside customer rewards and gifts, elevates the shopping experience. The compassionate pricing extends affordability while the robust end-to-end delivery services ensure accessibility Canada-wide. Moreover, the same-day delivery services in the Vancouver tri-cities area add a layer of convenience for local patrons. Through these offerings, Budlyft successfully merges quality, affordability, and customer-centric mail-order services.

BudLyft Online Dispensary With Reviews

Budlyft has been delivering me excellent weed for over 2 years now. It's always potent, and ver...

#4) Speed Greens for the Best Super Quads of AAAA+ Cold-Cured L.S.O Craft Cannabis

Best known for its incredible BC bud from some of the best BC growers, super fast delivery anywhere in Canada, and excellent online budtenders who know their products well and who are authorized to offer discounts and deals on the fly. 

Speed Greens has been a reputable source of high-quality cannabis since 2018, particularly renowned for its AAAA+ Cold-Cured L.S.O Craft Cannabis. Sourced from esteemed BC growers, their offerings epitomize premium quality. They boast super fast delivery across Canada, ensuring timely access to their exceptional BC bud. Their online budtenders are not only well-versed with the products but are also authorized to offer spontaneous discounts and deals, enhancing the overall customer satisfaction. Through an amalgamation of premium products, quick delivery, and knowledgeable budtenders, Speed Greens continues to uphold its notable standing in the Canadian online cannabis domain.

Speed Greens Online Dispensary With Reviews

Tropicana Banana a Sativa strain from Speed Greens to killer good. Cold cured organic and tight...

#5) Buy My Weed Online (BMWO) Dispensary

Best known for their deep experience in the marketplace since 2016, craft cannabis brand Thunder Buddies, and a large menu selection of cannabis of all grades, THC, and CBD edibles, concentrates, and vapes.

BMWO, established since 2016, exemplifies market expertise, notably through its craft cannabis brand Thunder Buddies. The extensive menu featuring a range of cannabis grades, THC and CBD edibles, concentrates, and vapes caters to diverse preferences. BMWO enhances customer value by offering free express shipping on orders over $149, accompanied by complimentary gifts, melding quality, variety, and added value seamlessly, for a holistic cannabis shopping experience.

BuyMyWeedOnline (BMWO) With Reviews

I ordered some craft weed from these guys, and it rocked! It had all the makings of some of the...

cat-icon Vancouver, BC, Canada

Notable Bulk Mom Mentions Who Dominate the Canadian Marketplace

A Bulk MOM is a medical mail-order marijuana dispensary that focuses on selling their products on a wholesale level. The more you buy, the more you save, and the discounts are significant. You can mix and match your products, by the ounce, quarter pound, half a pound, and in full pounds of weed and extracts.

BulkWeedInbox (BWIB) Online Dispensary

Best known for its excellent customer support, BC-grown cannabis strains, and concentrates, cheap bulk pricing structure, and well-known west cost cannabis brands.

BWIB stands as a pillar of customer-centric service in the cannabis market. Known for its excellent customer support, it carries a variety of BC-grown cannabis strains and concentrates. The dispensary adopts a cost-effective bulk pricing structure, making quality cannabis more accessible. By housing well-known West Coast cannabis brands, BMWO ensures a level of quality and trust with every purchase. The blend of supportive customer service, quality offerings, and economical pricing positions this MMJ MOM as a notable choice for bulk cannabis purchases.

BulkWeedInbox: Profile & Reviews

My friends and I order 4 ounces every so often when their quads are on sale. I got a QP for $32...

Bud Express Now (BXN)

Best known for their 100% satisfaction guarantee, and bulk weed deals for QPs. half and full pounds of mix-and-match weed.

Based in Vancouver, BXN is committed to customer satisfaction, offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They specialize in bulk weed deals for QPs, half, and full pounds of mix-and-match weed. With one of the largest online menu offerings, they provide a variety of products including CBD for pets and magic mushrooms. BXN offers free shipping on all orders over $150 and carefully curates all products to ensure they meet high standards for quality and potency that you expect.

Reading Between the Lines: Understanding Customer Reviews

Since Canada legalized cannabis in 2018, the importance of customer reviews in assessing mail-order marijuana dispensaries has grown significantly. These reviews serve multiple purposes for both businesses and potential customers.

For the consumer, reviews offer a comprehensive look at various aspects of the online dispensary, including the quality and variety of products available, the level of customer service provided, and the overall shopping experience. By consulting reviews, you can gather valuable insights that may assist you in deciding which dispensary aligns best with your needs.

For the dispensaries themselves, customer reviews serve as critical feedback mechanisms. They can highlight areas of strength, such as a particularly popular strain or exemplary customer service, but also reveal areas in need of improvement. This feedback can guide adjustments to business operations and contribute to a dispensary’s long-term success.

It’s advisable to consult multiple sources other than Budhub Canada, such as Trustpilot, and Reddit when reading reviews to get a more complete understanding of a MOM’s reputation. Keep in mind that these reviews are individual experiences and opinions, so they should not be viewed as an absolute measure of a dispensary’s quality.

In summary, customer reviews are an essential tool for evaluation in the Canadian cannabis industry. They offer a nuanced view of dispensaries, helping you make a more informed choice for your cannabis-related needs.

Checklist of how to Determine Trust When Choosing an Online Dispensary

1) Is the online dispensary right for you? What do they focus on? Do you order weed online in bulk? Do you prefer cheap weed deals for budget marijuana? Or, are you a Quad-A hunter?

2) How is the MOMs reputation online? Check out their reviews. Our review team verified some dispensaries and provided overviews of each for security and safety. Also check Reddit, Trustpilot, and Trustindex.

3) Is the MOM’s website up to speed? Does it lag and drive you nuts? Does it have SSL security? (you know that little lock in the browser bar)

4) Is their website professionally designed, does it feel like a brand you can trust? Some mail-order marijuana dispensaries consist of one or two people who operate it. They do everything themselves from IT, design, content creation, fulfillment and customer service. If this is the case, you should be able to tell quickly by its sloppy layout and lazy writing… If one of these items raises an eyebrow, then you should consider a different MOM if you are unfamiliar with them.

5) Does the online dispensary have a good support desk? Do they have a live chat budtender available to answer questions on the fly? If their customer service isn’t to your satisfaction you will always be frustrated with the MOM.

6) Is the Mail Order Marijuana dispensary transparent with where their weed is sourced from? Do they have a page describing this? Does their cannabis come from trusted brands you know or have heard of?

7) Terms of Service and Privacy Policy? Do they have these pages? Are they complete and legit? Privacy is important to everyone, and it should be to the MOM owners as well.

8) Are there any rewards and perks? Most MOMs offer incentives, point programs, and coupon codes; it’s quite competitive in fact. Look around our Canadian MOM list and you will find lots of great weed deals and discounts.

9) Check their blog. Reputable MOMs have helpful blogs that are full of useful info about cannabis and articles that show who they are and what they stand for. Some don’t have blogs which is fine. That could mean that the MOM is focusing on their store and service and are not ready to commit the time and effort that a blog demands.

10) Payment processing and automation. Most of the mail order marijuana dispensaries take e-transfers as a method of payment which is very secure. Is the system automated with auto tracking numbers? How do they manage their payment processing? This is a good question to ask using the MOM’s live chat desk if they have one.

List of all Verified Online Dispensaries on Budhub Canada

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