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Everything you need to know about Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) online dispensaries.

Welcome to the world of Mail Order Marijuana in Canada. This article is going to provide you with all the Canadian MOM Info. you will ever need. From a Canadian MOMs list, who are the best MOMs in Canada, MOM reviews, the best bulk MOMs Canada, how to choose the best MOM checklist, and more.

Canadian MOM Info – Overview & History

What is a MOM Canada? Canadian MOMs are online dispensaries (mainly based out of British Columbia) that provide access to medical marijuana and related cannabis products via their eCommerce websites. Once an order is placed, it is then shipped via Canada Post anywhere in Canada within 3 to 5 business days.

MOM’s started to hit the Canadian marketplace after 2001 when the regulation on access to cannabis for medical purposes was established by Health Canada. It wasn’t until 2004 that a few MOMs started to pop up online. Fast forward to 2021 and we now have over 350 MOMs online that are mostly based out of British Columbia, home of the famous BC bud and west coast cannabis.

Some MOMs have a poor track record that doesn’t help the industry’s reputation. is a good example of this, more about the Cheapweed scandal (see all the comments). We’re not trying to scare you off and not trust MOMs, but a little Canadian MOM Info about the darker side of the industry is relevant. All industries and every company in the world isn’t perfect and has their own set of issues, the mail order marijuana industry in Canada is no different.

Canadian MOMs carry a wide range of cannabis flowers of all grades, and related products from popular cannabis brands in Canada. Such as an assortment of concentrates, edibles, 420 vape pens, CBD products, topicals, smoking gear, dry herb vaporizers, and a lot more.


Getting your order shipped from Canadian MOMs is safe, secure and discreet if you order from trusted and verified MOMs. The only issue recorded was with the empty box fiasco with and that was in the spring of 2019. Most MOM’s provide free Xpresspost shipping via Canada Post within 3 business days across Canada, as long as you meet their minimum order threshold, usually, $99, $150, or $200.

Payment Methods Accepted by MOM Dispensaries

All of the medical marijuana online dispensaries in Canada accept Interac e-Transfers. Some also accept credit cards, but it’s few and far between. The retail provincial online cannabis stores accept all major credit cards as well as debit.

Canadian MOM List 2022

Here is a verified Canadian MOM list of established Mail Order Marijuana dispensaries on Budhub Canada. They have been vetted by our review team and are trusted brands on our platform.

the-chronic-beaver-online-dispensary magazineOnline Dispensary Canada Magazine

For further Canadian MOM Info. take a look at The Chronic Beaver Online Magazine. They have a unique, fun, and colorful approach when it comes to Canadian MOMs. With extensive MOM reviews and unboxings, deals and coupons for everything you can think of, and with interesting weed culture articles like, Sativa vs Indica, and a Weed Measurements Guide.

Always Do Your Research

Make sure to check out our checklist for help choosing the best MOM for your specific needs. It’s easy to search for the lasted Canadian MOM info. and reviews online for MOMs you are interested in, there’s lots of great resources out there. If there are issues with a MOM that you’re keen on, you will find them online in short order.