Weed Delivery Canada Wide

Your guide to help find top-rated and trusted weed delivery services across Canada that are best suited for you.

  • Learn about the different types of weed delivery services in Canada that are available to you no matter where you live.
  • Learn about Canada’s delivery service providers, if they are legacy operators, licensed cannabis stores permitted to deliver, or online dispensaries (recreational and medical).
  • Discover top-rated same day weed delivery services in your city that are near you for the fastest delivery possible.
  • Discover the best mail order marijuana MOM dispensaries.
  • Get helpful information with FAQs and important tips to consider when choosing a weed delivery service.


Weed Delivery Canada Wide Toronto

The CN Tower in Toronto (Canada’s largest same day weed delivery market).

Weed delivery in Canada can come from various types of services from the many types of dispensaries across our nation. There are two ways you can get your weed delivered, and each province has its own set of regulations about who is permitted to deliver cannabis. See the Weed Delivery Canada FAQ section below for more helpful information.

The first option is via a same day delivery service from licensed Cannabis Stores or by legacy delivery services. The legacy delivery companies have no storefront and have been operating in Canadian cities since medical marijuana was legalized back in the early to mid 2000s.

The second option is to get delivery by online dispensaries. There are two types of online dispensaries, the first being medical mail-order marijuana, and the second being online recreational cannabis stores (provincial or private). Using this type of service provides fast weed delivery in Canada by Canada Post. You can expect to get your cannabis order delivered the next day or within 2 to 7 days, depending on where you live.

I know right, this can get confusing if all this delivery talk is new to you. Let’s break it all down.

You Have 2 Options to get Weed Delivery in Canada

OPTION 1 – Same Day Weed Delivery

As previously mentioned, to find the best same day weed delivery service, you have some options. First, to find same day weed delivery near me, you can search on Budhub Canada and filter to see who is open now, who is open late, what delivery services are nearest to you for the quickest service and your best match options. This is your fastest way to get delivery to our door quickly, in under an hour in some cases.

When browsing our listings, you will be presented with the two types of services, it’s your choice of who you want to order from.

You will find:

  • Recreational cannabis stores that deliver the same day. Either provincially operated or by private licensed cannabis stores.
  • Legacy medical marijuana same day delivery services.
  • Online dispensaries for medical and recreational mail order marijuana.

Additionally, Budhub has location pages that feature the best weed delivery services in your city. Here is a provincial guide to help you find recommended delivery services in your city or town.

Find the Best Same Day Weed Delivery Services in Your City

Currently, in Alberta, legacy same day delivery services are available only.

Fort McMurray
Fort Saskatchewan
Grande Prairie
Lake Louise
Red Deer
Spruce Grove
St. Albert

Manitoba private Cannabis Stores are licensed to provide same day delivery.


Saskatchewan private Cannabis Stores are licensed to provide same day delivery.

Moose Jaw

Currently, in Quebec, the
 SQDC provides same day weed delivery across the province. Legacy services are available in the larger cities.

Québec City


Cape Breton


Saint John

OPTION 2 – Weed Delivery from Online Dispensaries – Canada Wide Mail Order Marijuana

Ordering cannabis from an online dispensary in Canada also has some considerations on who and where you can order from. If you prefer to order from a licensed recreational online dispensary, then you have to order from within your province. Take a look at our FAQs below for a breakdown of each provincial online cannabis store.

Mail Order Marijuana MOM dispensaries are also very popular in Canada. They service the medical marijuana market and have been legacy service providers since 2004. You can buy in bulk and they have large menu offerings featuring popular Canadian cannabis brands and west coast cannabis.

Licensed producers also provide mail-order services, customers require a certificate from their doctor for access to medical-grade marijuana from these growers.

Top 6 Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries on Budhub Canada

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Weed Delivery Canada FAQs & Helpful Info.

Top 5 tips to consider when choosing a weed delivery service.

Weed delivery in Canada has grown into big business in 2021. And, it’s not stopping for 2022 and beyond. The provinces are slowly jumping on board as the cannabis laws are slowly loosening up Canada-wide. The people are finally getting what they want! Thanks to cannabis legalization back in 2018, cannabis is becoming mainstream and widely accepted by all demographics over the legal age. It’s important to know your ordering options considering all the new cannabis consumers out there wanting delivery. And, what do most consumers want? They want to know what to look for when choosing the best services available to them.

Here are the top 5 things to consider:

1) Is the delivery service type right for you? Do you need weed delivered now? Then a same day express service might be your best choice if you live in a major city. Are you a medical marijuana user? Then ordering in bulk from an online dispensary might be your best bet. Additionally, if you live in any Canadian rural area, then online dispensaries are your only choice if you want to get weed delivered.

2) Reputation and reviews. Read their reviews; people tend to leave reviews if they are not satisfied with the service or product quality they received. Reputation and branding are also very important to look at and can be easily discovered by visiting the retailer’s website to see if it’s professionally presented and secure. Also, ask around in online forums such as Reddit and get the word on the street.

3) Customer service and support. A good idea is to reach out and ask questions before you place your order. You can test this by emailing them to see if you get a quick response and a real answer that is helpful from one of their budtenders. You can also do this via their online chat desk if they have one. The licensed cannabis stores will have published phone numbers as well, so give them a call and put them to the test.

4) Is the dispensary or delivery service transparent on where their cannabis is sourced from? If you are ordering from a legacy service provider, then look for information on where their weed comes from, look for trusted and known cannabis brands. If you are ordering from a licensed retailer, then you will know that their weed is sourced from Canadian-approved growers and producers. Look for the brands the cannabis stores carry and then search for their reviews to help you make the best choice.

5) Payment types. How do you prefer to pay for your order? Licensed cannabis stores that offer same day delivery accept most payment types such as credit and debit cards, cash at the door, and even eTransfers. Make sure to check first before placing your order, they all have ordering details clearly stated at the top of their online menu. Legacy operators mostly only accept cash at the door or eTransfers, so it’s important to first make sure that they have a good reputation and are legit operators.

Where can I buy legal weed online in my province?

Remember that each province can only ship recreational cannabis within their province. For example, you can’t buy weed online from the Alberta Cannabis Store and have it shipped to Toronto, Ontario.

British Columbia
You can buy legal cannabis from the provincial government’s online store, BC Cannabis Store.

You can buy legal cannabis online from one of the province’s private retailers, SpititLeaf is a good choice.

You can buy legal cannabis online from one of the province’s private retailers, Tokyo Smoke, is a popular choice.

You can buy legal cannabis from the provincial government’s online store, the OCS.

Buy legal cannabis from the provincial government’s online store, the SQDC.

New Brunswick
You can buy legal cannabis from the provincial government’s online store, Cannabis NB.

Nova Scotia
You can buy legal cannabis from the provincial government’s online store, NSLC.

Prince Edward Island
You can buy legal cannabis from the provincial government’s online store, PEI Cannabis.

Newfoundland and Labrador
You can buy legal cannabis from the provincial government’s online store, Cannabis NL.

What provinces offer legal same day weed delivery?

Here is a list of provinces that provide same day delivery services either from licensed private cannabis stores or provincially operated stores.

Provincial list of cannabis stores licensed to offer same day delivery.


Delivery Restrictions

Minimum Age


Private stores are not permitted not deliver.


British Columbia

Private stores are permitted to deliver.



Private stores are permitted to deliver.



Private stores are permitted to deliver.



Private stores are permitted to deliver.



The SQDC provincial stores deliver only.


New Brunswick

Provincial online ordering only, for next-day express delivery.


Nova Scotia

Provincial online ordering only, 2-3 days delivery.



Provincial online ordering only, 2-day delivery.


Newfoundland and Labrador

Provincial online ordering only, 1-2 day delivery.


Where can I legally smoke cannabis in my province?

  • Alberta – Anywhere where tobacco can be smoked.
  • British Columbia – There is a ban on smoking or vaping cannabis in playgrounds, schools, and other public areas used by kids. Cannabis can mostly be used where tobacco is smoked.
  • Manitoba – Smoking is prohibited in most public spaces, including parks and beaches, as well as many locations where liquor and tobacco are allowed. It is allowed on private property. It is illegal to consume cannabis in a moving or parked vehicle for either drivers or passengers.
  • New Brunswick – Smoking weed will is not allowed in public places, it’s a banned substance in Smoke-free places. It is allowed in private residences and adjacent property.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – Although medical marijuana may be smoked or vaped in public where tobacco smoking is allowed, recreational cannabis may be consumed only inside private dwellings, or in yards attached to those dwellings, never in a public place or in a vehicle.
  • Northwest Territories – On trails, highways, streets, roads and parks when they are not in use for public events.
  • Nova Scotia – Anywhere tobacco can be smoked
  • Nunavut – Can be mostly used where tobacco is smoked, with the exception of vehicles, school grounds, hospital or health centre grounds, and playgrounds
  • Ontario – Where tobacco can be smoked, except in vehicles
  • Prince Edward Island – You can consume cannabis in a private home and the yard attached to a private home. You can also consume cannabis on vacant land, with the consent of the owner of that land.
  • Quebec – As of 2021, it’s forbidden to smoke or vape cannabis in any public place, whether indoor or outdoor. It is allowed in private residences.
  • Saskatchewan – The only place you’re allowed to smoke weed is in private, either in your home or your backyard.
  • Yukon –  Cannabis must be consumed in a private residence and adjoining property; or in another location if it’s permitted by regulations.

To Conclude

All of us at Budhub Canada hope that we helped you understand how the weed delivery market operates in Canada. And, above all, we hope that we introduced you to the right type of delivery service that suits your needs the best.

The term “Weed delivery” is subjective. The term same day delivery is mostly described to get fast weed delivery in less than an hour if you live in Toronto for example. While others in remote areas are probably happy with express weed delivery in 2 to 7 days by an online dispensary. However you decide to get your cannabis products delivered, we hope it’s top-shelf weed that fits your budget and it gets delivered faster than your expectations.